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Matom is a supplier of radiological protection, decontamination and waste management services to nuclear power plant operations and decommissioning in the UK and internationally. Established more than 20 years ago, Matom has been a longstanding tier 2 provider to the UK decommissioning programme, and a tier 1 provider to the new build nuclear power plant programme. Matom currently provides services to Europe, Scandinavia, N. Africa and Australia, with increased diversification across sectors in Australia (e.g. oil & gas, mining, defence) through strategic collaboration that is built on the Matom in-country reputation.

Contact details

Operations (Radiological/Decommissioning) enquiries:
+44(0)7786 627126 - mark@matom.com

Technical (Waste/Decontamination) enquiries:
+44(0)7786 634318 - sblack@matom.com

Head Office: +44(0)1492 572695